Hello & welcome! I’ve had my old blog since June 2006, when my first editorial illustration was published in a magazine. Now it’s June 2019, and needless to say the internet is completely different. Over the past few years, my blog posts have been sparse, mostly because takes more effort and thought to put together a blog post than to post something on social media. Posting a single image doesn’t seem to justify a post anymore but at the same time, a blog is still the perfect space to post something a little more substantial.

I’ve been wanting to blog again for a while and share more about my inspirations, behind the scenes and other snippets. Lately I realised that the one thing that is stopping me, is that I don’t enjoy how Blogspot looks and feels. I’ve been loyal to my little old blog for thirteen years but it isn’t working for me anymore. So I finally made the decision to move here, to this fresh and lovely new blog! Wohoo! Let this new era begin.